23.10. - 01.11.2009


Luka Fineisen (Guest),
Tom Früchtl, Elias Hassos, Stefan Lenhart, Christoph Lohmann, Alexander Steig and Thomas Thiede

BV Studios | 37 Phillip Street | Bedminster | Bristol | BS3 4DEA | www.motorcadeflashparade.com

Curators: Christoph Lohmann, Thomas Thiede and Toby Huddlestone


Christoph Lohmann

Luka Fineisen

Elias Hassos

Tom Früchtl

Thomas Thiede

Stefan Lenhart

Alexander Steig

"Our group came together because none of us is keen on having to conquer the world alone again and again. There is no common artistic leitmotif, nor any agreement in form or content between the individual . A conventional curational approach is being explicitly avoided in Bristol. The heterogeneity of our group is our principle, each individual follows his own artistic motifs, and our paths meet only during the joint exhibitions.
These are, according to Thomas Thiede's intention, like gigs from musicians that meet temporarily to play music together. According to the principles of our heterogeneous group, our exhibition "gigs" are somehow like the performances of krautrock bands like Amon Düül, where the musical improvisation comes to the fore. The concept consists partly in playing freely leaving the end open. Our gig in Bristol is dedicated to this approach. This is also the reason why we are going to arrive "naked", without finished works in our suitcases. The works are to be made in Bristol during the week before the exhibition opening, so they will depend on the time and on the location. The exhibition will show a kind of nomadic improvisation, created out of the "non-existing" together with our artistic ideas that will meet like motorways at a big junction during the exhibition."

Christoph Lohmann

With support by City of Munich/Department of Arts and Culture